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wonder sphere

3 vids below feature a spinning Trinity power dancer spinning a Wonder-Sphere spinner with 3 spools spinning of it.

Aerodynamics not as important as efficient centre of gravity and balance.


21st century 'Old School New' analogue sequencer of mood and emotion, it's the DIY 'Wonder-Sphere' spinner.

It's a DIY craze that could go global, a copyright free stress ball evolution, as a format for innovation that

can be adapted in many ways, from car brand pin tops to football teams, to adapting for a business environment.

People need a project and a distraction from lock down at this time, short term solution is to establish a format

for people to take their own way. After full vaccination have a display of locals work in every town hall.

Art of the people, by the people, for the people, T.V. footage and a sense of competition.

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8K slomo vid mode craze declaration of covid busting stress relief, it's the D.I.Y. stress winder wonder-sphere.

wonder sphere

The format will evolve to become a standard of interaction between many cultures, over time it will branch in various directions,

to many nationalities as an interface format, an analogue sequencer of weaving coloured threads around map pins, iconised, on a cricket or baseball.

Crosses were sourced on Wish,com, the map pins, thread and cricket ball from Amazon.

wonder sphere

Six thread wrap and spin: DIY stress ball using Newton's 'Laws of motion'

The first law states that an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity,

unless it is acted upon by an external force. The second law states that the rate of change of momentum of an object is directly

proportional to the force applied, or, for an object with constant mass, that the net force on an object is equal to the mass of that

object multiplied by the acceleration. The third law states that when one object exerts a force on a second object, that second object

exerts a force that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first object.

Copyright free format / idea that is for global good and acts as a standardised format of interaction and customizing.


Using 'Fuzzy logic' and 'Thread Theory' of twist and spin, we take a hop skip and jump from 'Swing Theory' and 'String theory' to

validate a format of ball, pin and thread called ' Wonder-Sphere '. This is as a starting point for a customized global art movement,

to be hung and spun in house windows. Iconise the pins, colour code a few threads on your mood and wrap from the spools via finger and thumb.

Use as a meditative aid or to relax when stressed.

The colour mood chart below is a google search result. A psychologist would be needed to validate and make a universal set of standards,

a rule book showing every cultures takes on colour perception.

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

Yes! you can spin and bash your 'Wonder-Spheres' like conkers, but bonkers (after all that effort to make it yourself).

Elastic band instead of threads for super spin in war mode.

wonder sphere

wonder sphere


DIY CRAZE 2021 !

Must be home made to compare and compete in size and weight leagues

'Out doors wars' under conker trees,when covid is much less of an issue.

Spin and bounce conkers style.


3 wonder spheres spinning:


Showing concept guess name '', was too expensive:


Now you know why you bought that 3-D printer :

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

wonder sphere


Starting point: Improvised from house contents, a cricket ball, cork board pins and coloured thread from a 'Pound shop' sewing kit.

wonder sphere


Stage one is to get the colour coded blank pins into the solid ball, it can take quite a bit of pressure. Once done get a feel for your 'Wonder Sphere'

You've chosen your pin colours and location, now it's time to iconise those pins, with say people, places, events, love, hate etc.

Hoop and knot a thread around your starting pin, letting your mind wonder whilst at the same time navigating the mood thread

through your finger and thumb around the pins. One full spool of white thread wrapped later below.

wonder sphere


Six coloured threads wound at once direct from spools.

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

wonder sphere

wonder sphere


This is the first mock up image, from a day dream, that inspired 'Wonder-Sphere'.

Wonder sphere

I hope you like this project so far, Please give it a go and send me documentation to publish on the site.

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